Guangzhou Huimei Fashion Group Co., Ltd. is one of the leading enterprises of multi-brand internet fashion apparel in China.

Has two brand groups :INMAN & TOYOUTH, Among them, the " INMAN " brand group is based on the original design of the "cotton/hemp artist".

Main spread “Elegant and concise, personality without publicity” design style;” TOYOUTH” brand group is based on the artistic style of "Art City".

The main sales target for young urban women.


Huimei Fashion by ten years clothes and e-commerce industry accumulated rich experience, Have more than 9 million member,

Established a demand analysis system for apparel e-commerce consumer groups,

The formation of economies of scale in production and the ability to negotiate with the platform, Has the ability to successfully incubate a number of characteristic Internet fashion clothing brand.

2014 Huimei Fashion brand total sales in Tmall, Vipshop, Jingdong, Dangdang etc large-scale e-commerce platform women's categories are among the best.


At the present stage Huimei Fashion8 brands have been online, The target group is18-45-year-old fashion women consumers seeking high quality of life,

The initial composition style is different and complementary “Internet Fashion Women Brand Ecosphere”


March 2015, Sou Yute Group investment holdings Guangzhou Huimei Fashion Group Co., Ltd .At present, Huimei Fashion has declare Growth Enterprise Market IPO.

art and cotton


China e-commerce clothing fist brand art and cotton women clothing,

Relied on the original design of "cotton and hemp artist" as the original design of the Internet,

Is one of the fastest growing and most representative online apparel retail brands in China.

INMAN advocate “Elegant and simple, personality but make widely known fashion design style,

Promote original ecological theme Close to nature, Return to nature's healthy and comfortable life,

Seek oneness of man and nature clothing realm.


Art trend brand

TOYOUTH , original designer brand,

Established in 2006 by independent designer Shen Yi the generation after 80s,

TOYOUTH, Not just a brand,

a dress, an expression, even more is an independent spirit.

Follow this trend more than original era, The "the beginning of the tailor's clothes,

let the clothes return to your heart." unique expression, Try hard to break the inherent mindset.

draw support creativity inspired by the art of different countries in different eras,

Exploring the world through clothing design.