Guangzhou THIN MORE Clothing Trade Co., Ltd. is an e-commerce company focused on large size women's clothing, Operating brand is THIN MORE, At present sales are mainly expansion, It also has stores in Jingdong, Vancl, Dangdang and other platforms. And Vipshop there is also more stable cooperation.

THIN MORE clothing brand , not the same large size for development purposes, Positioning as a fashion large size women's clothing, According to the exclusive plump women's aesthetic design, Combined with international fashion elements, Create high-end, fashion large size clothing.

THIN MORE clothing catch the clothing design, operations ,sale etc core links, produce, warehouse, logistics, quality control etc links all outside packaging.

August,2014, Sou Yute Group investment holdings Guangzhou THIN MORE Clothing Trade Co., Ltd

THIN—thin, Symbolizes women Soft curves

MORE—wheat, Symbolizes women from youth to mature.

THIN MORE,born for large size, China fashion large women clothing, Born in 2002,in fashion, simple, enthusiasm design style, Bring urban new fashion to large size women's clothing. Bring refreshing beauty and confidence to large size women, Let every women wear elegant, wear confidence, wear leisurely, even more wear