The management headquarters of Changzhou Time Capsule network technology co., LTD. is located in Shanghai. It committed to open brand coffee chain stores of "Time Capsule" in Chinese universities. At present, this is the first brand of coffee chain in China's colleges and universities. Time Capsule provides catering leisure space and cultural exchange platform for teachers and students by opening coffee chain stores in colleges and universities, and uses Internet thinking to create O2O platform to serve teachers and students. The online content can be transformed into offline activities and experiences through store scene packaging, while offline activities can also carry out communication and topic interaction online, then reflect the social attributes. At the same time, the service and product experience marketing of social enterprises are introduced into the student community to reflect the service attributes too. In order to form a unique trading system and create the "first entrance" of Chinese universities' consumption, the brand stores acted as the core of Time Capsule, and establish the scene of entrepreneurial incubation, social interaction and consumer finance in colleges and universities.


The Changzhou Time Capsule network technology co., LTD has more than 30 "time capsule" stores in colleges and universities in 20 cities for offline part. For online part, it covers the social electric business platform in more than 20 cities and in more than 200 colleges and universities, and covers a vast majority of 985,211 key universities.

In August 2015, the SouYute Group invested in the Changzhou Time Capsule network technology co., LTD.